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Creating a Profitable Pathway

A sluggish and perplexing website can tarnish your brand's reputation, while integrating e-commerce can either bolster your sales or lead to their decline. It is critical to choose an agency that comprehends the distinction between a website that merely raises brand awareness and one that actively drives revenue.





Visual Storytelling

Full-service impactful art design that elevates your brand through web, social and print.

FabBusiness: Seamless E-Commerce Integration

FabBusiness's e-commerce platform embodies efficiency and aesthetic appeal. We've woven a digital marketplace that mirrors their commitment to quality and user-centric service. Explore an online shopping journey that's as innovative and reliable as the FabBusiness brand itself.

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Enhancing Your Digital Presence

MCdns's All-Inclusive Approach to Crafting Dynamic Websites.

  • A seamless shopping experience.

    An eCommerce build must make shopping easy and secure. Pages must load quickly and reliably, with a consistent look and feel, compelling content, and search functionality that meets users’ needs and expectations.

  • Data collector:

    Your store should be integrated into your business—not only to track dollars earned, but also customer data. Information that’s extremely valuable when trying to create a target customer profile to be used for promotions and email campaigns.

  • Connect in real-time.

    Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you should eliminate all human interaction—especially when it comes to customer service. Sure, automation helps alleviate certain customer issues. Though for more involved problems it’s best to have a rep standing by. In the end, this attention will help strengthen customer service as well as your overall brand reputation.


Every task carried out at MCdns is ensured to be at the level where the customers feel at home. Our team is dilligent to explore creative ideas and offer you the best services.

Step 1

eStart smart

Sure. We have the tools to craft any eCommerce biz, but first things first—we need to know about you. We need to understand what makes your brand tick, and why customers shop for your product or service. The more insight gathered the easier it will be for the development process.

Step 2

Framing up your business plan

Once all the data is collected it comes down to constructing a branded store that checks all the digital boxes—security, vendor profile capability, UI, purchase process just to name a few. At the end of the day, you want a purchasing platform that’s high-end, customers can trust and do business time and time again.

Step 3

Developing your eCommerce design

With eCommerce, communication, imagery, and iconography all work together to not just build up your brand, but also facilitating and incentivizing purchase. On top of all that you need coding that streamlines the whole process to prevent any sort of site frustration.

Step 4

Storefront and backend development

Aside from working with languages such as PHP, .Net, Java, HTML5, CSS and Javascript to design, there needs to be, extra coding consideration for the commerce portion. We also need to ensure the site is consistent with the overall strategy. To do this, our project manager, account supervisor, designers, and developers come together to understand and onboard your projects.

Step 5

Checking and rechecking

While we have initial reviews during the development stages, once the site is fully built is when the comprehensive check-ins begin. We are constantly combing over every inch of the site to see if the UI is in working order and to eliminate any bugs. This is especially true in beta testing when all eyes are on the final stage.

Step 6

Store opening

Once your eCommerce site is up and running, CMS training is a must. With the complex layer of eCommerce, we need to ensure our clients are well-versed on how to do everything from inventory updates, site content changes and a host of other edits.

e-Commerce Development strategy

Strategizing e-Commerce Excellence

MCdns's Blueprint for Online Retail Success.


Your story is what drives us. Forget the distractions—your vision deserves the spotlight. Let's discuss how we can bring your ideas to life.


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