Amidst Digital Overload

Cutting Through the Digital Fog

In our current landscape, where digital advertisements and banner ads are omnipresent, the common reaction is to tune them out. We often disconnect for those critical moments prior to reaching the content we desire. At MCdns, a premier software design and development firm, we've learned that the secret to piercing through this digital fog is rooted in genuine engagement. Our approach transcends traditional advertising, focusing instead on enriching and engaging our audience through informative and interactive content. This strategy ensures that audiences not only eagerly consume our content but also develop a meaningful connection with the MCdns brand.






Full-service impactful art design that elevates your brand through web, social and print.

ADARE: Constructing a Digital Identity

Crafting a robust online identity for ADARE, we've laid the foundation for a brand as strong as their builds. Our design strategy weaves their core values into a visual language that speaks of innovation and durability. Experience the blueprint of ADARE's digital persona that stands tall in a crowded market.

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Building your brand

A whole lot of logo love

Embracing the Art of Distinctive Logo Creation to Elevate Your Brand with MCdns.

  • Not all plans are created equal.

    There are multiple flavors of ice cream. Why? ‘Cause we all have different preferences. Similar goes for marketing plans. There’s no one answer for every brand.

  • Mass appeal.

    Our brand plan of attack doesn’t start until we know who we are dealing with, target wise. What do they like? What are there passions? What makes them tick? We need to know it all to move forward.


Every task carried out at MCdns is ensured to be at the level where the customers feel at home. Our team is dilligent to explore creative ideas and offer you the best services.

Step 1

Inspiration from Aspiration

The design process starts with an honest client conversation. It’s all about getting a true understanding of the brand. Who uses your product and service? How do they perceive it? And of course, what do you aspire your brand to be? Questions like these help point us in the right design direction.

Step 2

The Logo Landscape

Aside from understanding the brand, it’s all about knowing their arena. We do a deep dive of the competition. How do they exist in the same industry? What do they do to set themselves apart? The category itself can also provide inspiration based on best practices and emerging trends.

Step 3

Setting the Mood

Before we do any sort of designing we do a visual audit by collecting competitive advertising and category imagery, which can serve as a base for ideation. From there we develop a mood board of this collected research to see if we are on the right track with the client.

Step 4

Designing the Logo Team

We don’t design in a bubble. For us, it’s a collaborative effort. Our strategists translate the research to work out a plan to brief multiple designers who then run with it. These finished initial options then gets treated to an internal where we can see what’s working and where we can improve.

Step 5

The Buck Stops With You

As partners, your our most valuable resource—especially when it comes to the client review. For this reason it's not just about showing the logo options, but how it looks in different versions like color, B/W, knockout, etc. We also want to craft a story that shows how we came to our decision.

Step 6

Setting the Logo Loose

Once approved, we move onto usage. Print. Digital. Packaging. The list is endless. That's why it's vital to ensure there is design consistency. Regardless of the medium logo, guidelines need to be in place to ensure you always have brand synergy.

Brand strategy

Brand Identity Design

Crafting Your Unique Digital Presence with Cutting-Edge Design and Innovation at MCdns.


Your story is what drives us. Forget the distractions—your vision deserves the spotlight. Let's discuss how we can bring your ideas to life.


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