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Our Trainers

Rehmat Ali Head DevOps Engineer
Rehmat Ali working as a head DevOps Engineer at MCdns, LLC and has proved how valuable time is when used to do the right things.
Oreste Tomnie Senior Graphic Designer
Oreste Tomnie has a proven experience in digital and have been given an exclusive training to all students in desired of becoming graphic designers.
Franck Kengne CEO and Solution Architect
Franck Kengne is a highly knowledgeable cloud training with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry. His expertise being cloud-native, he has been training many students to succeed in their careers for the past 5 years now.
Hilaire Tchapda Big Data Engineer
Hilaire Tchapda is always willing to listen to your queries in detail. He is a gem at MCdns, LLC due to his helpful answers that clear doubts! He has over 10 years of experience in this environment and is ready to jump into any situation that could help students to succeed.

Our Story


TansaTech is an innovative energy and solar company that provides modern solutions to power outages. We are proud to be a part of TansaTech and working with them to change the world is a very good memory for us. MCdns participated with TansaTech to enlighten the remote areas that don’t have the facilities of electricity via solar panels!

Michael Ngankam



ACPE-Philly is an ONG and they contacted MCdns to help them curate a user-friendly and easy to use website with interactive design, animations, and a catchy theme. MCdns delivered! We made a wonderful website for them!

Michael Ngankam



Innovations-Groups needed help with the cloud migration of their data server. It can be a hectic task and lead to loss of important data if not done properly. MCdns made sure that the migration was done smoothly and all the data was securely migrated!

Michael Ngankam


Why People Choose Us To learn Skills?

Certified Instructors

Proper skillful instructors who know what to teach and how to teach with years of experience to back their expertise!

Hybrid Training

MCdns says goodbye to conventional trainings, we believe in hands-on physical live training bootcamps and sessions. We mix techniques to create a hybrid teaching technique!

Success Coach assignment

We also assign a success coach to ensure that a student who wants to learn is using his maximum potentital to learn a skill!

Job placement

Its really a matter of time to land a good job for yourself after training and learning from the best in the business of the Information Technology field!


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